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19 May 2014

Ultimate PESEDIT 2013 v2 AIO (FIFA World Cup 2014 Version) by superhieubeo


- New version for 2013 Patch 6.0
- Compatibility for DLC 6.00 & game version 1.00, 1.03
- Keep nearly all traditional graphics of PES 2013
- Add 3500 faces and 3000 hairs and more
- Add new Boot Pack by SGangster and re-link more than 100 players
- Add new Ball Pack by Nilton1248
- Add so many new Scoreboards, especially FIFA World Cup 2014 ESPN by 02David20
- Update kits for all 32 national teams World Cup 2014 from so many kit makers
- Update new Graphic Pack for World Cup 2014 by 02David20
- Update new Gameplay by Nesa24 (Compatibility with game version 1.03)
- Apply Gameplay tool 2013 by JK1002 and stadium server for FIFA World Cup 2014 Stadium Pack by 02David20

Ultimate PESEDIT 2013 v2 AIODownload Ultimate PESEDIT 2013 v2 AIO

How to install :
Firstly, you need to download all part files, then unrar the first part (‘…part1.rar’). Proceed installation with the Installer.exe as administrator!
1. Delete all files and folders inside the PES 2013 install directory, excepting img folder.
2. Install the patch to the PES 2013 install directory, for example: C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
3. Install the update for transfer, stat, game plan… to the PES 2013 save directory, for example: C:\Users\\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\save (Download here)
4. Start the game via Selector (PESEDIT.exe). In addition, if you want to enjoy with new gameplay, starting with pes2013 with nesa24 Gameplay.exe.

Note: If you don’t like FIFA World Cup Graphics anymore, go into the kitserver13 folder; then rename default_ to default; concurrently, rename ffwc14 to ffwc14_

Thanks to : PESEDIT team, JK1002, 02David20, SGangster, Nilton1248, Nesa24, graphic makers, stadium makers, scoreboard maker… and special thank to all my dear friends for helping me to complete this patch!

Password rar: haiyang-981-get-out-of-vietnam-now



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