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25 Dec 2013

Team Editor Manager 0.2.1 beta by lagun-2
- PC
Description: you can create new teams
beta 0.2.1:
- Fix bugs
beta 0.2:
- Fix bugs
- Fix add player/s
- Fix add new team
- Fix Configuration
- Added support
- Add Structure League (only the teams created for the moment)
Leagues available: English League, Ligue 1, Campionato Italiano, Eredivisie, Liga BBVA, Liga Portuguesa, Liga do Brasil, Primera Division (ARG), Primera Division (CHL), PEU League, PDII League, PLA League, PAS League (DEFAULT NAME LEAGUE)
beta 0.1:
Edit the file .bin:
- CompetitionEntry.bin
- Player.bin
- PlayerAssignement.bin
- Team.bin
- Reading of all teams in the files
Extra Features:
-Add new teams
-Add new players
-Auto-create logos teams
Notes and Recommendations:
- This is a beta version and is being developed, so it can’t work 100%
- The tool doesn’t support auto unzlib, so before you open the file you need to use another tool
- Every time you want to modify or change a file, you need to register with the configurations
To do list:
- Fix bugs
- Remove fake team
- Logo Manager
- Guide
- Structure League
- Fifa 14 Converter
- First, make sure you have set the configurations
- Then click the “OPEN”
the files don’t change EDIT.bin then every time you add a team, you have to recreate the EDIT.bin
Designed and developed by lagun-2
Tutorial by teams Razib_46
Tutorial Structure league by rickrd0



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